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About us

What we do

Lean On Me provides students with emotional support through the convenience and confidentiality of texting, with the goal of making mental health support less stigmatized and more accessible.

Since Lean On Me’s establishment at MIT in September of 2016, hotlines have exchanged over 40,000 messages, trained over 400 peer Supporters, and built a support network reaching over 250,000 students.

Why we do it

Too often, students will not seek out the support they need due to existing barriers: be it distance to the office, lack of availability, long wait times, or a general apprehension that other people at school or their parents will find out.

With Lean On Me, students can easily talk to peer Supporters, students who have often shared similar experiences, in a convenient and anonymous setting for non-crisis support.


Our hotline is...


Seeking support can be intimidating, so we don’t ask students for any identifying information, and their phone number is always encrypted when they text in.


A major barrier to getting help is the cost of services. Our Supporters volunteer their time to keep our textline 100% free, making our service as accessible as possible,


We strive to make our users feel as comfortable as possible. With a peer-to-peer service, we're able to empathize with students when other services might not be able to.

Our story


Do you want to join Lean On Me?

Applications open in the Spring! 

Applications for new supporters open in the spring, so stay tuned. 

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